The U.S. authorities ought to commend these courageous Russians for his or her heroism in recognizing and opposing Vladimir Putin’s evil. Our leaders ought to salute them because the true youngsters of Pushkin, Tolstoy and Sakharov.

John Francis

To the Editor:

Vladimir Putin brazenly desires of the Chilly Battle world the place quite a few nations have been dominated by the Soviet Union. His newest step has been to invade Ukraine. The democratic world faces a second of fact. Do we actually consider in democracy, or are we simply all for our personal soft and perceived secure life relatively than standing by different democratic nations if there’s a value to pay?

Sanctions are superb however take years to have any main impact. Within the meantime Ukraine, and who is aware of what different nation, will fall again beneath Russian management. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, we acted and stopped him. Was it actually nearly oil, or did we consider that invading one other nation was fallacious and unacceptable?

The Chilly Battle ended a long time in the past, and there was an extended interval of peace in Europe and Russia. It’s as much as the democratic world to resolve if we wish to slip again into that threatening world that existed in the course of the Chilly Battle.

Ray Warren
Mandurah, Australia

To the Editor:

My idea is that Vladimir Putin had deliberate on invading Ukraine in the course of the pliable Trump administration, when he may get away with it. Fortunately for Europe, his plans have been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic. He has gone forward, however now Joe Biden is president and NATO is united, so his success is much less assured.

Winnie Boal

To the Editor:

The monstrous actions of Vladimir Putin and the shortage of humanity in his rule over Russia ought to function a terrifying lesson for America. We are able to see what occurs when an authoritarian cements his energy by means of lies and propaganda, when the sycophants round him grovel at his ft, when the media promotes his lies, when a category of rich people lends him assist to reinforce their very own monetary standing, and when he and his supporters subvert democracy and truthful elections. Sound acquainted?

Donald Trump builds his American model of authoritarianism on lies, his sycophants grovel in concern of offending his followers, right-wing commentators at Fox Information and different far-right shops unfold propaganda and lies, and the authoritarian’s followers present an utter disdain for democracy, voting and truthful elections.


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