Former Indiana Hoosier basketball player Maurice Creek remains trapped in Ukraine.

Creek, a current Ukrainian SuperLeague player, posted on Twitter Sunday that he “never felt so hopeless” in his life.

Creek was initially supposed to leave Ukraine on Saturday but “sirens” went off, he said in a tweet. It’s still unclear when he’ll be able to leave the war-torn country.

Fans who have been following the 31-year-old player’s saga on social media offered their support.

One of Creek’s former basketball coaches at George Washington University, Mike Lonergan, tweeted his support: “We are praying for you Mo. Keep the faith.”

The shooting guard is an international veteran and has played across the world in places such as the Netherlands and Denmark.

After a one-season stint with Kyiv-Basket in 2018, Creek returned to Ukraine in 2019 and hasn’t left since.


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