Rob Manfred, Chief Ghoul

Rob Manfred, Chief Ghoul
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Not that Rob Manfred would care, however his smirking and laughing visage as he introduced the first cancellations of the 2022 regular season, which brought about nearly each baseball fan to have an urge to succeed in by their screens and thrust their fist by to the again of his cranium, is the picture that may endure. The joke, or hunch, or perception, has all the time been that Manfred doesn’t actually like baseball. He’s a labor lawyer, a labor lawyer for the possession and administration aspect. He’s solely there to assist the house owners, who themselves are at finest detached to baseball. They solely see it as a car for his or her portfolios or actual property offers of their fantasies. Manfred is the proper chief for them. He’s solely right here to spar with the gamers and make as a lot cash for the house owners as he can. Precise baseball doesn’t actually enter into it. It’s a aspect to all of it. That perceived glee as Manfred took baseball away from its followers confirmed all these suspicions.

Whenever you take a look at this “remaining proposal” that the house owners put forth, that they received’t transfer off of, that they thought was value digging their heels in, that may most likely trigger the season to be delayed a month at the very least, it’s clear how craven all of that is. An increase within the minimal wage from $570K to $700K is value, what, just a few hundred thousand to every crew? Possibly one million? Moreover, it was solely $25K off what the gamers have been asking the minimal be raised to. Once more, how a lot per crew? It’s what these house owners would discover of their couches.

The $55 million bonus pool for pre-arb gamers? Not even $2 million per crew. It doesn’t even matter what the distinction in luxurious tax thresholds and penalties have been, as a result of there was nothing within the proposals to compel groups to spend it, or over it. There was no wage flooring. The house owners may proceed to behave as they’ve been, which has destroyed the sport.

That’s how determined these 30 vampire squids are to suck up each greenback they’ll, even the quantities they wouldn’t really discover. Franchise values and the league’s earnings have skyrocketed, and but it’s by no means sufficient. They will’t cease chasing to fulfill their cravings.

As Joe Sheehan stated:

It’s wonderful how these monstrous capitalists instantly go for socialism in a sure scenario.

So Manfred can rise up there and lie in regards to the house owners’ conditions, or how the sport’s coiffeurs have grown currently, or how baseball has a aggressive steadiness drawback and not using a wage cap, and it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t like the sport, so it doesn’t matter if he sullies it. It’s not what he’s right here for. That new take care of TBS? That’s what he’s right here for.

And the followers received’t get their recreation again, and do away with the 30 unfeeling cash vacuums who’ve turned the sport into nothing greater than one other leveraged buyout, and let the precise product develop into stale, and executed nothing to narrate it to present and future generations, till this model dies, burnt to the bottom. Let outdated issues die. Solely then will one thing higher come up, if that’s even potential.

Allow them to lock out a complete season. Let’s see 15,000 in Yankee Stadium in July of 2023. Scar the sport in such a technique to damage their investments. Watch franchise values, with horrific rankings and falling attendance and a staunch refusal from state and native governments to assist them in any manner, plummet. Make them get out, or drive them to alter the sport on the sphere and off of it in a technique to promote precise competitors as an alternative of merely a area for harvesting money.

Baseball was on its manner down lengthy earlier than Manfred put it into overdrive. As soon as the house owners booted Fay Vincent to put in nerdy ghoul/compadre Bud Selig as the sport’s steward, we’ve been headed right here. It’s too far gone now, as a result of baseball is run by individuals who solely see what’s proper in entrance of their faces and never what’s down the block.

So allow them to destroy it. It’s their manner. Suck every little thing out that they’ll and go away a deflating husk, after which transfer on. From the husk we are able to do higher. Even the NHL, after they blew up the league in 2005, got here again with rule adjustments and different issues to make for a extra thrilling product.

That’s what baseball wants. Steer into the skid till we hit the ravine. It’s the one manner.


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